10 Reasons Why You Should Get Pregnancy Belts and Belly Bands

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Pregnancy Belts and Belly Bands are designed for active women who don’t let the hurdles of pregnancy stop them. We are in no way downplaying the issues faced by women during pregnancy. We understand that the road to giving birth is paved with body pain and a lot of stress. Pain is one of the common downsides of pregnancy, and it also tends to stick around post-pregnancy.




And that is why we have created this nifty guide. It includes 10 pregnancy belt benefits to help find the right pregnancy belt or band for you. Yes, Pregnancy Belts and Belly Bands are two different products. We’ll shortly see the difference between Belly Bands and Pregnancy Belts. But before that, let’s focus on how both help reduce the overall pain caused by pregnancy.


1. Reduces Sacroiliac Joint Pain:

Sacroiliac joints connect your pelvis to your lower spine. Notice the inflammation in the picture below. It is marked by red and shows the Sacroiliac Joint. Relaxin and a hormone that loosens a woman's hip joints in preparation for birth. It causes sharp and excruciating pain in the lower back near the tailbone.


Belly Bands and belts combat this pain by stabilising the joints, ensuring that you feel no pain as you perform your daily activities or exercises. It may similarly help alleviate pelvic girdle pain.

2. Reduces Round ligament pain:

Round Ligaments are a couple of Cordlike structures found in the woman's pelvic region. It supports the uterus by connecting the front of the uterus to the groin. The pain generally occurs during the second or third trimester ( after 14 weeks).


For some, the pain feels like a dull ache in the groin. For others, it is sharp pulling pain.


A belly belt that offers complete support will help distinguish your belly weight across your abdomen and back. It can lessen the pressure on your round ligament, thereby reducing the pain.

3. Reduces Back pain:

Back pain, like Round Ligament pain, is caused by the excessive strain on joints of the lower back and pelvis during pregnancy.


Wearing either a pregnancy belt or Belly band could offer your lower back and baby bump support, reducing the overall pain.

4. Reduces leg pain and swelling:

Similar to back pain, pregnant women often experience leg pain and swelling. Wearing a pregnancy belt distributes the weight of a baby bump across your abdomen and back. It also reduces swelling and eases pain.


Apart from helping alleviate pregnancy pain, Pregnancy Belts also helps reduce the overall stress on the body and mind. Let us take a look at what a pregnancy belt can do for your body. 


5. Offers Support and Compression (Belly Bands vs Pregnancy Belts):

Belly Bands: Belly Bands and other supportive undergarments such as body shapewear offer minimal support and mild compression for exertive activities. But it does support the uterus and therefore reduces discomforts during movement. They are very affordable and can be easily hidden beneath your clothes.


Pregnancy Belts: Pregnancy Belts or Postpartum wraps, on the other hand, are rather constrictive but offer great support and compression. Women can go about their day without any worry as they perform their daily activities or exercise. Pregnancy Belts or wraps are a bit pricier when compared to Belly Bands and are much more difficult to hide.


Remember the key differences.

  • For some women, the pregnancy belts might be too constrictive. For others, they would offer just the right amount of compression.
  • But if you want maximum compression and support, then a pregnancy belt is the correct choice for you.
  • Kindly make sure that you don't wrap the Belly Belt or bands too tightly. It may impair circulation, affecting your blood pressure, sometimes causing indigestion or heartburn.

6. Improves Posture:

During pregnancy, women face many difficulties, including balance impairment and change in posture. A majority of pregnant women gain weight in the early months of their pregnancy, which significantly increases their body mass.


Wearing a Pregnancy belt can significantly help improve the body posture as it helps distribute the weight evenly across your abdomen and back, automatically correcting your posture. It may also improve stability to a certain extent.

7. Improves balance:

During pregnancy, a woman's body continues to change, which affects their balance, increasing their risk of falls. According to a 2014 study including 90 pregnant women, who wore maternity support belts during their pregnancy, Pregnancy belts improve impaired balance.


A pregnancy belt especially helps during the third trimester when the risk of falling are higher.

8. Reduces pressure on your bladder:

While baby bumps can be difficult to deal with in general, let's not forget the effect it has on your bladder. Since your bladder rests below the uterus, it can get compressed as the baby grows. When the bladder is flattened, it reduces the space for urine to pass. The increased pressure can make you feel you have to urinate (pee) more than often.


Although pregnancy bladder pressure vanishes a few weeks after a woman gives birth, it offers discomfort during pregnancy. A pregnancy belt lifts your belly, which slightly lifts your baby's weight, taking off the pressure on your bladder. It will significantly lessen the urge to urinate.

9. Prevents Preterm contractions and labour:

So far, we have seen eight benefits of Pregnancy belts. Pregnancy belts help relieve sacroiliac joint pain, pelvic girdle pain, round ligament pain, back pain, leg pain, and swelling.


It also offers decent belly compression and support, improving your posture and balance. As perceived from these benefits, a pregnancy belt reduces the overall stress on your body. Apart from helping ease pregnancy aches and pain, it also helps relieve mental stress.


Several studies have concluded that stress, especially chronic stress, can lead to premature labour and preterm birth. While the advancement in science has helped alleviate women's fears of preterm birth, it is still a difficult thing to face.


Wearing a maternity belt will take some weight off your shoulder and help you have a better time during your pregnancy.

10. Cost-effective:

With the constant changes pregnancy brings about, women have to purchase plenty of maternity products, including maternity clothes and pregnancy belts. Some maternity clothes are only suitable to wear for the first trimester, so you have to add one more task to your ever-increasing to-do list. Quality maternity clothes cost over 1900 INR.


Both Maternity bands or belts from reputed brands fall in the same price range (1800-2000 INR). In the long run, especially if you plan to have more children in future, it is better to purchase a pregnancy belt. A belt will cinch in your baby bump, allowing you the freedom to wear the maternity clothes that you already own.


Now that you know what pregnancy belts bring to the table, you might be interested in finding places to buy a pregnancy belt in India. 


Some Maternity brands include a freebie with their pregnancy belt. For example, Mamitas's collection of maternity products offers Importikaah Pregnancy Belt, which comes with a free Nutrition Guide for Pregnant Women. No matter where you get the belly belt, always keep an eye out for such deals.

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