About Us

We're Creating A World Where Every Mom Will Love Being A Mom

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but can also be full of nerves. 

You are not only face challenges during pregnancy, but post-pregnancy trauma is also not a secret...

Postpartum depression, insomnia, and weight gain are common problems after childbirth.

Also, finding the right products for babies which are safe to use can seem daunting.

We know pregnancy is a very delicate time for all women and that’s why we at Mamita help you with…

100% Authenticated & Quality Products For Pregnancy, Childbirth & The Newborn

So the question is, how are we different?

Why Can't You Purchase The Same Product From Amazon, Flipkart, And Other Marketplaces?

Great question.

Of course, you can purchase from these marketplaces, but the problem is the seller doesn't give you the guarantee of the quality and authentication of the product.

They might have purchased from another distributor and they don’t directly source the products from the brand.

Now you might be wondering…

How Can We Claim That We Deliver You 100% Authenticated & Quality Product?

Excellent question.

Look, we source the product directly from the brand. There is no middle man involved, and hence we can ensure that you're getting 100% authenticated & quality products.

Also, we don't want to commit a sin by compromising the health of mother and baby to make money.

Our purpose and mission are MUCH MORE BIGGER than making money.

We're dedicated to empowering millions of mothers to live guilt-free lives and live like proud moms.