Mamita 3 Hook Waist Belt Shapewear: Sculpt Your Silhouette

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Product Description:


Look Your Slimmest & Attractive With This Thin Body Shaper Tummy Slimming Belt

Mamita Women's 3 Hooks Waist Trainer Slim Belt instantly reduces waistline and lifts breasts. 

It’s made of breathable fabric like polyester and spandex, which are soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear all day.

3 columns and 9 rows of hooks to prolong use and for extra adjustability as you will begin to lose weight and waistline. The Mamita Tummy Tucker can be worn with any formal or informal dress.

The flexibility of the rods allows free movement of your body and additional comfort. Internal flexible boning prevents the garment from rolling up or down.

Plus, It supports the lumbar and corrects posture. It's comfortable for people with lower back pain.  


Make Sure To Check Size Guide Before Purchasing


  • M – 24 to 28 inches waist 
  • L – 29 to 32 inches waist 
  • XL – 33 to 36 inches waist 
  • XXL – 37 to 40 inches waist 
  • XXXL – 41 to 44 inches waist


Washing Instructions: Hand Wash, Do Not Bleach, Shade Dry On A Flat Surface, Do Not Hang, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean


Product Benefits:


  • Immediately reduces waistline and lifts your breast, allowing you to look attractive.

The Mamita Waist Trainer Belt with 3 hooks slims your waist and lifts your breasts. When worn during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core, increasing perspiration and escaping toxins.

  • Comfortable And Adjustable To Wear All Day

3 columns and 9 rows of hooks to prolong use and extra adjustability, and you can wear it in all types of dresses.

  • Encourage Correct Posture and Relieves Lower Back Pain

Mamita's tummy control cincher girdle is designed to encourage correct posture, relieve lower back pain, and support weak lumbar muscles.

  • Suitable To Wear In All Types Of Dresses

Suitable for slimming your tummy under any clothes from casual outfits to party/prom/cocktail/wedding dresses, skirts, shorts, pants or gowns.

      Product Features:


  • The girdle keeps your muscles warm, improves your posture, and stabilizes your spine. 
  • Provides therapeutic support that helps prevent a herniated disc, lumbar muscle strain and back pain
  • Girdle is a high-quality fabric that is breathable and comfortable enough to be worn all day long, with sweat-free comfort, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking.
  • Strong elastic-free support.
  • Made from polyester and spandex, soft and stretchy to wear.
  • High waisted design for complete coverage and control.
  • Firm stretch mesh panelling and hook-and-eye closure.
  • Creating a smooth and streamlined shape throughout.
  • Cut with a body-con fit.
  • Makes every outfit look fabulous by offering exceptional waist control.
  • Suitable for waist training, comfortable to wear all day.
  • The string on the front is adjustable.
  • Make your waist slim and stylish with this 3 hook training corset.
  • Covered boning in front and back for added support, 



Who Is The Product For

Mamita 3 hooks Waist Shaper is a must-have for women looking for perfect waist control and attractive appearance.

Your Questions Answered

Q. How do I decide the perfect size for me based on my waist size?

  • M – 24 to 28 inches waist 
  • L – 29 to 32 inches waist 
  • XL – 33 to 36 inches waist 
  • XXL – 37 to 40 inches waist 
  • XXXL – 41 to 44 inches waist

Q. Is it useful after delivery?

Answer: Yes 

Q. How many rows and columns of hooks are available? 

Answer: 3 columns and 9 rows of hooks

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